Inner Freedom Bundle

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This bundle includes the full length classes of Freedom Frequency 2,3 4 & 5. You will receive a full training on polyvagal theory and the vagus nerve as well as practical tools to regulate yourself, a full asana sequence and a full length meditation practice which are all designed for nervous system regulation. This is a comprehensive package for you to heal and rewire your nervous system.

3 reviews for Inner Freedom Bundle

  1. Carina

    I loved how Magdalena presented her wisdom in a way that’s super accessible. She gives structure, clarity & pragmatism to a subject that is vast & is easy to get lost & overwhelmed in.

    After exploring the theory we had a practical experience of the techniques. This gave me an intellectual understanding & allowed me to immediately integrate the knowledge.

    I left with a personalised toolkit as to how to up & down regulate my nervous system. It’s been so easy to incorporate the tools into my daily routine. I can feel the difference already. Thank you, Magdalena!

  2. Heather

    GAME CHANGER!!!! If you have tendencies towards freezing in life, trouble making decisions etc please do this course! Life changing!

  3. Bartek

    Thanks to the workshop I now have a deeper understanding of my nervous system, picking up on my state a lot easier. And thanks to the set of tools/techniques Magdalena gave us, I am able to shift my state to feel more mindful and grounded.
    Thank you!

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