We are now offering Visionary Personal Activation Retreats!

Enjoy a rejuvenating weekend getaway at

The Visionary Love Temple Retreat

in beautiful Ojai, California!

Allow love of self to activate your highest potential!

What you can expect:

-Magda’s undivided attention for a weekend

-Spend a weekend immersed in a healthy, peaceful and supportive environment

-Assess your health and learn where and how you can improve it

-Learn why and how to enjoy and prepare plant based nutrition

-Eat amazing food

-Connect with Nature

-Enjoy private yoga instruction`

-Connect with your Higher Self







Energy Exchange: $1111

 Includes: lodging, all meals, tours, yoga, workshops.

Bring a friend for only $333 more!

Optional add on services such as body work are available!


 With traditional private yoga and cooking classes ranging from $100-$200 per hour, this is a value you can’t pass up!

To receive a sample itinerary via email please write to: guide@visionary-lifestyle.local


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