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Welcome to year two of the Visionary Lifestyle Podcast!


I thank you for your patience for the launch of this second year, I had a couple little delays as I’m traveling in India, I’ve been busy with the International Yoga Festival, wifi is an ongoing issue, I’ve had some technical issues with my phone, as well as my computer. I actually recorded this intro days ago but my computer froze before I could save it and then my wifi went down ha. There are challenges to this digital nomad thing when travelling in 3rd world countries and it’s taken me some time to accept that but thankfully ,I’m finally getting this out to you.


I’m currently in Risihikesh, India. I attended the International Yoga festival where it was like a big reunion. I saw a lot of the yoga teachers I interviewed during the festival last year, and I see this family growing and strengthening. I’m considering bringing a group of yogis with me here next year, shoot me an email if that interests you!~


This time of year draws the spiritual masters or “gurus” to Rishikesh. In fact the place is named Rishikesh because the great sages and rishis have been drawn here to the foothill of the Himalyas for eons. I’ve been attending satsangs, which is essentially a spiritual talk by a “guru”. There are loads of them here, with these spiritual masters coming from around the world and sharing their spiritual wisdom with their followers.

If you’re not yet following my instagram check that out for some behind the scenes stories of what I’m up to and what’s coming up on the show. That’s @ visionary_lifestyle_guide.


So here we go, this is the launch of year two of the podcast. There’s sooooo much in the pipeline for you that I just can’t wait to share!

This year will start with season 5 which began in Thailand, continued in California and then went on to Europe. The following season 6 was recorded in Lisbon at the DNX Global Conference which is all about the digital nomad lifestyle I’ve been embracing for the last year. Or, as I like to call it, digitalyomad, as in yoga nomad. My new favorite hashtag is #yogaallovertheworld. yay!. If you’re interested in taking your work on the road and traveling more , you don’t want to miss those interviews with people who are living that lifestyle now.

And I’m recording season 7 now in India, and will continue on back to Bali again for the Bali Spirit Festival again this year. I just returned from Navdanya, Vanadana Shivas organic farm in rural India and was fortunate enough to interview her about her activism and what conscious eating looks like for her today. She touts saving the seeds and our food system as the answer to climate change and improving health and food security for all sentient beings. She is truly my shero and interviewing her was a true honor. I took an eco feminism course and toured herfarm which was incredibly inspiring to see. Check my instagram to see pics from that trip. The best part was the seed bank where they’re storehousing organic and heirloom seeds. Did you know that Monsanto now owns over 90% of the seeds on our planet? That means this giant poison company control our food system guys. Vanadana Shiva is their biggest enemy, and working on the daily to ensure that we the people have safe and abundant food. So make sure you watch for her episode in season 7.


I’m so excited to see what unfolds with the podcast this year. I’ve made countless valuable friendships with the people I interviewed last year, brought you what I hope are inspiring and empowering content through those interviews, and look forward to so many more.


Have you listened to my episodes from the last year? If you’re new to the podcast I invite you to go back and look through and listen to the ones that call you. And it’s also a good idea to go back to episode #1 in order to get my take on what we’re focusing on here, and what’s really important in the Visionary Lifestyle. If you’re wondering why I always address you as Rainbow Warriors, I explain that there too.

This is an ongoing and open invitation for YOU to join our tribe and participate in activating your highest potential.


Ok so next I’m going to play a short piece I recorded at the beatles ashram here in Rishikesh on a very special day, and then coming up next will be Season 5, starting with my interview with the digital nomad founders of the DNX Global Movement which we recorded in Thailand.

If there are people or topics you’d like me to cover, send me an email and share your thoughts. If you’ve enjoyed the show it’s never too late to write us a review on itunes, and as always, I love hearing from you so just drop me an eMail to: guide@visionary-lifestyle.local

Enjoy and Namaste

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