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Greetings Rainbow Warriors! Today I’m on the move. I took a ferry from Croatia across the Adriatic sea to Italy last night, and am making my way through Italy on a train now as this is going live. I’m heading to Sicily for my Nature and Yoga retreat and I sure wish you were coming! It starts on September 7th so if you’re feeling spontaneous and want to join for yoga, nature, conscious eating and seeing some incredible ancient sites, email me right now and we’ll squeeze you in! Find my upcoming events here…

Being a changemaker on the move is a life I’ve chosen, and if it calls you, you too can live a location independent freedom lifestyle, and fulfill your purpose at the same time. Yes, it takes some planning and might even include a steep learning curve, but witnessing people like our guest today, sure keeps the inspiration to make it happen, very high.

Our guest today is Stella Romana Airoldi. Stella is a powerhouse of a young woman. She holds two masters degrees in human rights, and left a promising career as a lawyer, to travel the world and empower some of the least empowered people on the planet.

Stella is the founder of 22STARS Jewellery and the 22STARS Foundation, as a digital nomad with a social mission she calls herself a ”Social Impact Nomad”. She wants to inspire and help others to make a social impact with their business and when they travel. Hence Stella offers one on one coaching sessions, gives group workshops and talks at various international conferences. Stella has two masters degrees, one in International Law and one in Human Rights and Democratization. During her studies she focused on entrepreneurship and in 2013 she made the switch from working in the human rights/ development aid field into using fashion and design to help people out of poverty by making sure that they can provide for themselves.

Stella’s studies brought her to Africa where she interviewed refugees in Kampala, Uganda. Her creativity and wish to help the war affected people have been a direct incentive to establish 22STARS Jewellery. Impressed by the artistic skills of the women and deeply touched by their stories, Stella decided to help them design, market and sell their products on the international market. Two years ago she expanded this product based model by creating the 22STARS FOUNDATION, which enables more than 300 children in Uganda to go to school and helps 55 families with small business trainings and microloans to become self-sustainable.

Stella spends a couple of months a year in Uganda. When she is not there she loves being with her family in Europe and her friends from the digital nomad community.

I met Stella at the DNX conference in Lisbon where she was presenting a talk last year, and fortunately, we shared an apartment with a bunch of other digital nomads so I got to spend a fair amount of time with her. I saw her work ethic, I saw her passion, and I was and am impressed with what she’s created.

As a former fashion buyer for my Visionary Boutique in Los Angeles, her jewelry line is 100% the sort of thing I would have been really excited to stock in my shop. A product that is not merely for fashion and consumption sake, but as a statement and practical support for something you believe in. For example, the sale of one necklace provides 5 meals in Uganda.

Stella is a living breathing example of right livelihood. This is a concept I bring up a lot on this show, and one I want to impress on you, as it was impressed on me from my spiritual community in Los Angles a couple decades ago. This concept has been a major driver in my life, and if I can inspire even 1 person in this direction, that feels really rewarding for me.

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