nicole artGreetings Rainbow Warriors, I’m coming to you today from Croatia and this will be my last show from here. Croatia has been a mixed bag for me. No shortage of lodging crisis’, crazy situations, or tourists since I am here in high season. Like I said in the last episode, I learned my lesson about that, and hopefully, my loss is your gain. On the upside, I was blessed enough to do some island hopping and see and swim in some of the most beautiful clear water I’ve ever seen. I even made it to the beach that was voted best beach in Europe, and that was a highlight for sure. Getting into nature always sets me straight, how about you? That mama nature sure is soul medicine. Don’t ya think? Works for me, every time. Something about swimming in the sea with light streams shining down through the water just soothes my soul. I am discovering my inner mermaid, big time.

So now, on to today’s show. Our guest today is Nicole Seelinger.

Nicole’s purpose is to empower businesses and people everywhere she goes. She’s a visionary that aims to strengthen entrepreneurs by bringing them clarity and strategies towards their vision and future trends, so they can achieve their fullest potential to create a positive impact on society. Moreover, she’s focused on adding social and sustainable value to the projects she works with, at the same time as working on the business model to diversify and improving revenue streams for greater growth and impact.

She creates Custom made workshops using Collective Intelligence tools to creatively solve problems, enhance innovation and find a holistic strategy to achieve business goals.
She’s also empowering people’s mindset with workshop subjects such as Overcoming limiting beliefs and  Creating positive change, and for those who want to achieve their best selves: Nicole helps to Identify their main characteristics and passions to create a unique and personalized career or business. So what this means guys, is if you’re an entrepreneur, or dare I say, aspiring digital nomad, Nicole is someone you want to know and maybe work with. I caught up with her at the DNX conference in Lisbon last year and fortunately, we got time to sit down so I could pick her brain about all she’s up to.

Enjoy and namaste

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