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Greetings Rainbow Warriors. I’m coming to you from Split, Croatia today. I’ve been here island hopping and soaking up the sun and sea in between getting these episodes out and planning my upcoming retreats in Sicily and Bali. Make sure to check the show notes for details on those, and please do join us!

Our guest today is Krishnatakis. Krishnataki, originally from Greece, has been teaching Thai Yoga massage, yoga and qi gong since 1998, having lived and studied in Thailand and India. He is a senior massage teacher at the Sunshine Network, his center in Greece. He is passionate about organic farming, Chinese medicine, cooking and nutrition, and incorporates aspects of yoga, meditation and qi gong into all his courses. His base is at Sunshine House, however he often travels abroad to teach and also study. He is renown for his unique, spontaneous and passionate way of teaching as well as his generous spirit and open heart. When he is not teaching, he is with his three beautiful children or soaking in hot spring waters.

I met Krishntakis at the Barcelona Yoga Conference . I took a couple of his classes there and was drawn to his open hearted friendly personality, and after learning so many wonderful and useful techniques in his classes, I decided to interview him. His approach is warm and sacred, two of my favorite things 🙂

I found his high vibes contagious and enjoyed learning from him as he dropped some reminders of things we all need to think about more.

I hope you enjoy it.


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