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Greeting Rainbow Warriors.
This is the last show I’m publishing from India. As this episode is going live, I’ll be leaving a deeply transformative month in Rishikesh, which ends my 3 months in India, l and travelling to Bali.
My heart is heavy leaving India. Time spent here is a true deep dive into ones soul, and even 3 months seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. Walking through Rishikesh feels like an alternate reality. Mantras and inscense are literally wafting through the air everywhere I go, cows are everywhere, the river is flowing, the streets are feel of saddus and spiritual seekers from around the world. and the air is ris in spiritual depth and transformation.Sitting with the powerful River Ganga this evening for my last sunset, contemplating my time here in the Motherland, the biggest thought that pervades my head and heart is “thank you”. I feel so so blessed to be spending this time here, and then to have this outlet, to share it with you. SO much soul growth, so much heart connection, so much learning, so much beauty. India , has. My. heart.

I finished an 8 day panchakarma treatment here yesterday, and am happy to report that my body and mind feel so light after this deep celular detox. Today I interviewed My Ayurvedic Dr, Dr. Maurya who I published an episode with last year, about the panchakarma process, so watch for that interview coming up in a future season. This is something I highly recommend to everyone, and I’ll be making it part of my annual trip to India, which happens to coincide with my birthday. I mean, What better way to honor and celebrate myself every year than this!? Right?

As I’m preparing to record this intro, a review came in on facebook and inspired me to share it here. Tribe your reviews really warm my heart and give me the inspiration to keep this show going. It’s midnight here in my hotel room in Rishikesh and I’m waking up early to travel tomorrow, so receiving some words of encouragement at a time like this really gives me a boost to keep working into the night to get this show out to you. Sara says” “I can’t stop listening and catching up on all the episodes, so interesting, so enriching and juicy…in deep gratitude to Magda and everyone who support this podcast <3” Thank you so much Sara, for listening, and for taking the time to share your review, it means so much to me, I’m grateful to you too. Is this a love fest or what you guys?

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SO now on with today’s show….
The timing of this interview seems fitting as our guest today shares how her trip to India changed the course of her life.
Our guest today is Nadia Moon.
Nadia Moon is a 500h certified yoga teacher, a dream catcher, a traveler & a yoga holiday organizer. After few years working in London as International Marketing Executive she decided to quit it all to catch her dreams, share her love, follow her intentions & happiness.

Her intention and mission for this lifetime is to inspire & empower others to follow their dreams, to improve their lifestyle, to laugh more, to stretch more, to dance more, to be more present, to accept & to let go. She believes in the power of letting go through yoga, meditation, dancing, chanting and in the freedom of mind & body.

We met at a beautiful yoga and detox resort in on the island of Ko Phangan in Thailand, known as The Sanctuary. I attended a couple of her classes, one on pranayamas with chakras, and the other in Yoga Nidra.
I really enjoyed her teaching style and her energy in general, and loved getting to know her better in this interview. His story is one that may inspire you to reconsider you life and allow yoga to become a bigger part of your life.
We talked a lot about yoga, India, she touched on her experience at a Vipassana Meditation Retreat, and we discussed her yogi diet.
She explained what yoga nidra is and shared a lot of inspiration.

So don’t forget to check out the show notes on itunes or my website to find out more about Nadia. She teaches in Thailand and offers retreats in Italy so make sure to check out her website for more info.

I really hope this conversation inspires you to go deeper with your yoga practice.
Enjoy and namaste.


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