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Greetings Rainbow Warriors,
Beinvenue from France. I’ve just left Auvergne where I was immersed for over 3 weeks in a 6000 acre forest leading a Wilderness Wellness experience at a 300 year old ecolodge. This area is known as, in addition to being the “green heart of france”, the land of the volcanos , and is so rich with prana, delicious spring water and deep wilderness as far as the eye can see.
This experience brought me a deep connection with nature, and so many unexpected blessings, including, meeting today’s guest, Julien Peron.

Julien is a filmmaker among many other things. Using his own values such as self-awareness, curiosity and open-mindedness, since childhood, this 39-year-old entrepreneur has nurtured and molded these qualities from a young age, and respects others and the environment. In his childhood Julien played sports, and became interested in astrology and the tarot. He developed his strengths in Martial Arts for more than 14 years, with Kung-fu, pushing his passion very far to become champion of France in 1999. Then with the encouragement of his family, at the age of 12, he went to the United States for a month immersed in a Wisconsin family. Today, he puts his pocket money aside to go regularly with his backpack to discover other countries and other cultures. His explorations of the surrounding world lead to more inward explorations, nourished by a lot of reading and other discoveries, including aspects of human psychology, well-being, personal development and alternative medicine, as well as economics, politics and sociology.
He’s been in the fields of well being, ecology, marketing and communication for 16 years.

-Honorary Member of the World League for the Right to Happiness

-Member of the development council of the city of Montpellier

-International speaker

-Creator of the school of life and annual festival for the school of life  >> http://www.festival-ecole-de-la-vie.fr/

-Creator of the 1st Congress Innovation in Education >> http://www.innovation-en-education.fr

-Director and producer of the documentary “What is happiness for you? » >> http://www.citationbonheur.fr/

-Creator and leader of cycling, yoga and meditation trips >> http://www.neobienetre.fr/velo-yoga-et-meditation-avec-neo-bienetre/

-Creator of inter-professional meetings of well-being in 2003 >> http://www.neobienetre.fr/rencontre-inter-therapeutes-neo-bienetre-paris-lyon-montpellier-aix-en-provence-toulouse-bordeaux/

-CCP in permaculture

– Founding President since 2003 of the companies Neo-bienêtre and Neorizons >> http://www.neobienetre.fr and http://www.neorizons-travel.com/

– 20 years of field experience in France and around the world

– Member of the World Association of Tourism Experts (WTEA)

– Member of the parliament of entrepreneurs of the future

– Member of eco-responsible travelers and tour operators (VVE)

– Partner of the Good Planet Foundation and the French Ecotourism Association

I met Julien at the Instants Absolute Ecolodge in France where I was teaching yoga ,and he came to screen his film “C’est quoi le bonheur pour vous?” or , “What is Happiness for you?”
I found myself instantly uplifted just by the title of his film, and over the following days, found this question having a lasting impact in my mind. As I was teaching a yoga class the following morning, with Julien in attendance, I had the idea to invite him for this interview, to dive deeper into his film, and this important question.
Through this conversation I learned that Julien has a second film almost completed, and a big goal to build a school. It’s not just any school he wants to build, but a School of Life, for parents, students, and teachers, learn the alternative education that is missing in most schools, and the part that our societies so sorely need in order to find that happiness we’re always talking about.

I hope you enjoy this conversation and find some inspiration and tools here to support you on your happiness journey.
Check the show notes for a trailer of the film, and links on how to see it, as well as Julien’s other projects.

Enjoy and namaste…


Instagram @Julien_peron_officiel

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julienperonofficiel/

Trailer « C’est quoi le bonheur pour vous? » >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sdET8JnBOw

Chaine Youtube >> https://www.youtube.com/c/NeoBienetre

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