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Greetings Rainbow Warriors!
I’m still in the forest in Auvergne in what’s known as the “green heart” of France. Truly, we’re in the land of the volcanoes here drinking the pristine spring water and enjoying the views of the seemingly endless green rolling hills. I’ve been walking barefoot on the earth here, teaching yoga, and exhaling in this magnificent raw natural environment.
I feel so blessed that I’ll be here teaching yoga on the 4th International Yoga Day on the Solstice, June 21st. We’ll be having a solstice ceremony and practicing yoga, really in unison with hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. You can look for a local event in your area to join the celebration, and if you have never practiced yoga, I invite you to take the initiative on this day, to join in the collective global energy of this practice that has proven to bring more health and balance to the body , as well as peace and and expansion to the mind and Spirit.
wow, I’m just so grateful for the practice of yoga because I witness every single day how many gifts it has brought to my life. I sincerely hope that this show is a source of inspiration to you, to start or deepen your personal practice. It is the life path that continually lights my way, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

So now, on to todays’ show. I’m so happy to introduce you to today’s guest, Morgan Gaignon. She’s the chef of a little restaurant in Paris called Sol Semilla. Gratefully, I discovered this place by chance as I was walking down the street , and the deeper I looked, the more I liked what I was finding.
Sol Semilla is a French brand of superfoods from a fully integrated chain, from seed to plate, and they’ve opened their organic, vegan, gluten free restaurant to nourish as well as teach their customers how to cook with and use the superfoods. The food there is super high vibration “soul food” always made with that all important and delicious ingredient of love. It’s an educational initiative as well as a restaurant, based in good intentions. They also have a youtube channel full of videos teaching people how to use superfoods, and how they contribute to better health.
I was really so impressed with what I found there. We did the interview in the restaurant, so you’ll get the feel for the place with the background noise.
I really urge you to check out their website, and their Youtube channel, and next time you find your self in Paris, don’t miss the chance to discover this delicious food and marinate in the high vibe atmosphere they’ve created.
You’ll hear us in the discussion talking about a word:totum, which at the time I was unfamiliar with. I’ve since researched it and learned that in essence it’s that philosophy of :the sum of the different aspects, being more than the individual parts, but this time, in relation to medicinal plants. What this means is that when we consume the entire plant, we’re getting the synergistic benefit, rather than consuming an isolated nutrient, which doesn’t manage to deliver the same level of nutrition.
And, just so you know, the mysterious berry we discuss, I’ve come to learn is what I know as the golden berry. If you were at my last presentation at The Lightning in a Bottle Festival, you tasted that inside the chia pudding recipe I made, along with gogi berries. These little berries pack a deep nutrient punch, and I urge you to discover them yourself if you’re not already familiar.
You can visit the Sol Semilla website to learn more about all the wonderful superfoods they are sharing with their customers, and the world.
Meeting people and places like this really lifts my heart. It’s inspiring to see this passion for health and well being , through the use of conscious eating, being embraced and shared, around the world. The focus on education here I think, is an integral piece of what we, as a shared humanity need to support and grow greater health, together.
This place is definitely, 100% conscious eating approved, and I can’t wait to visit again!
I hope you enjoy the interview and find some inspiration to give more attention to the food you’re consuming, and how you can nourish your body temple in the best way possible, to activate YOUR highest potential, and support you in delivering your unique gifts to the world.
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Enjoy, namaste and bon appetite! goldenberry

totum value of the food
organic grown w love vs. conventional
therapeutic value of the plant
The whole is more than the sum of it’s parts, applies to plants too, especially medicinal plants, that we want to eat!

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