Greetings beloved community, rainbow warriors, visionaries and change makers! I’m so pleased to be bringing you a fresh new season of The Visionary Lifestyle Podcast.

This is the 4th season of the show, and like the last one, all of the interviews were done in Bali, but this time at The New Earth Ancient Futures Festival. A one of a kind gathering especially for visionaries, thought leaders and changemakers like yourselves.

I interviewed the producers and many of the presenters so you can have a taste of Bali and all the magic that happens when a group of activated conscious people come together. We are indeed, more than the sum of our parts.

I was proud to be invited to share my Conscious Eating message there, and grateful for the people that received it so well and pledged to make changes to make every bite an expression of love for themselves, the animals and the planet.

This gathering was a group of people who are truly being the change, and inspiring others to be as well.

I met incredible people at this gathering and am so excited to be bringing them to you through the show.

My biggest take-away from this season as that at it’s core, everything is vibration. You’ll hear conversations with an assortment of people that all come to this conclusion from a different angle.

There’s really fascinating stuff coming up for you in this season! You know I love hearing from you so drop me an email at guide@visionary-lifestyle.local. I want to hear your comments and questions.

Until then, please enjoy the show and share share share it with your communities. We all need to spread the word to get our brothers and sisters on the path of awakening. Thank you for your support.

Donations to support the show are always appreciated and are best made at patreon or paypal, and I’ll put links in the shownotes for those.



And now, onto the show…..enjoy and namaste



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