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Greetings Rainbow warriors! I’m coming to you from Goa india today. I just spent three weeks at Amritapuri, Amma’s ashram, in Kerala. I You may have heard of Amma, she’s the hugging saint that tours the world dishing out hugs and unconditional love. Being there was a serious deep dive into hours of daily spiritual practice, yoga , meditation and healthy vegan food . At any given time there are countless self development workshops on offer there, so I finally fulfilled a dream of many years, and got certified as a Reiki Energy Healer while I was there. Amma is a force of nature with her humanitarian projects and seemingly endless and abundant unconditional love for all beings. I found a so much inspiration being in her presence, I even had one transcendent experience where I felt fully and deeply the grace of God on me. I highly recommend the experience of visiting her ashram. By w western standards It’s really dirt cheap to be there, and it can be a life altering experience. Being in an ashram like this teacher personal responsibility and humility is a most profound way.

The panchakarma treatment I spoke of on the last show and had scheduled in Kerala didn’t work out, and you can see my instagram posts for the longer story about that if you’re interested. So, I came to the beach in Goa to do an experiment and attempt to heal myself with the sun, sea, healthy homemade food and Reiki. I’ve been here just over a week and I’m getting big results already. I’ve also started writing my two books I’ve intended for this year, and am finding I’m a bit more focused without a decent data plan, haha. Goa is famous for having lousy internet, so hopefully this show actually uploads when I try it later.

So thanks for your patience as I’m not publishing as often as I’d like, but hope to resume more regularity when I make it back up to Rishikesh next month.

Todays guest is Jonathan Fritzler. Jonathan is co-founder of The Mind Lab, an organization that researches the latest in neuroscience, Coherence, Consciousness and quantum theory, to develop innovative frameworks for personal leadership and engineering the future.

The Mind Lab is a process that uses the scientific method as a framework to help leaders plot a clear trajectory towards their goals. Jonathan has hosted workshops in over 25 cities globally with participants reporting increased clarity about their future, more energy and confidence to achieve their goals, and new insights into who they are becoming in the future.

Jonathan and I met at the New Earth festival in Bali where he was presenting a workshop, and fortunately, we found time to sit down and have this chat. We talked about how to bring consciousness to business, and he defines and explains how he works with Divine sacred strategy. He spoke about how he’s teaching entrepreneurship and intrepreneurship.

This conversation is in essence, about how to create right livelihood, meaning, making your work in the world benefit not only yourself , but also be of service to the world.

Right livelihood is a concept that came to my awareness about 15 years ago when I was regularly attending services at Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. I can honestly say that learning about this changed the trajectory of my life. Being of service and benefitting others through the work I do really appealed to me, and helped me focus my intentions in this direction. Out of these ideas, Visionary Lifestyle was born.

So today I’m happy to be bringing this concept to you through this conversation, and Jonathan is an excellent guide to help you on that path to creating a business that is truly your souls purpose. Jonathan asks: “ What is the value that you are bringing to the world?”

He goes into some practical steps you can take today to move yourself forward on this path of sacred activism.

I really enjoyed this conversion with Jonathan and found myself being really inspired as a result of it. I hope you have the same experience.

As usual, you can find links to all we talk about in the show notes on iTunes  as well as on my website at and again my personal intstagram to see behind the scenes photos and follow my travels is @visionary_lifetyle_guide and please also follow the show on IG at @visionarylifestylepodcast

Namaste and enjoy….

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