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Greetings from Morocco beloved community.

This is the first show in a new season of the podcast, so if you haven’t heard the previous seasons, go back and enjoy some of those episodes, there’s a lot of value for you there, I promise.

Today’s guest is Jenna Ansell. Jenna is a conscious event producer and the director of the New Earth Ancient Futures Festival in Bali.

This year marks the first New Earth Festival, and to understand what it’s about, take in this bit from their website:

“As a Planetary Community we are experiencing healing (evolutionary) crises in every aspect of our lives and we need to endow ourselves with the tools to navigate this transition on both the personal and trans-personal level. We are compelled to come together to connect and create tangible solutions to what does not serve us as individuals or as communities for the benefit of all humanity.

The aim of the NewEarth Festival is to provide a space to do this through the co-creation of an alchemical environment in play, celebration, nourishment, healing, learning and teaching. We hope to ignite the spark in those who attend so they can in turn ignite the spark in others. We hope to nurture the sovereign creative expression within us all.

This is a seed event for visionary creatives, change makers, and thought leaders who can be bridge-builders between communities across the world and thereby inspire others. It is a gathering of the tribes where imagination manifests as reality and the unthinkable becomes the norm. It is a change of perspectives, values and priorities in a world of infinite possibility.”


Now I was there and I can attest that this is exactly what happened. Jenna and the team there truly did create a space to help activate people’s highest potential and the sparks were indeed flying, as you’ll hear in our conversation.


Jenna speaks of being the change and creating the world that we want, exactly the aim of this show, so it was of course a huge yes for me to attend and have these conversations with the souls who created, or I’m going to use the world “channeled” this event into existence.


In the interview we take a deep dive into the purpose of this festival that is so heavy into earth wisdom, deep nutrition, awareness and liminality.


I hope you find some inspiration in this conversation and by the end of it you may just be booking your ticket to Bali for the next one.


As usual, show notes are found on my website, as well as in itunes.

“Absolutely everybody has a light inside of them, it’s a matter of whether or not it’s been sparked.”





























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