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Our guest today is Eoin Finn.

Eoin Finn is a yogi, surfer and blissologist from Vancouver, BC. A philosophy graduate, he has been deepening his understanding of Meditation, Yoga and Eastern Philosophy since 1989. In the mid-nineties he moved to Maui and learned Ashtanga and Power Yoga and later Vinjana Yoga. He’s been teaching yoga for 18 years. Eoin is a karma yogi with a deep passion for the oceans, and a connection and reverence for nature, that is truly inspiring.

His yoga teacher trainings generally include a lot of education about the environment, as well as hands on projects to help clean and protect it.

His Ecokarma program is replacing endangered coral in Key Largo Florida and beyond.

Eion says “Karma is the offering of unselfish service – our offering to the world. I want us to connect our love for ecology with both the physical yoga practice and selfless service of Karma yoga.  “

I caught up with Eion at the Bali Spirit Festival and we dropped in about the state of the oceans, the effects of overfishing and carbon on the oceans, and what it means to be a karma yogi.

He shares his love for nature, explains his main goal in life and guides us on his path of Blissology.

If you go back to my first episode and listen to the “7 steps of activating your highest potential” show , you’ll see that Eion really speaks to one of my points, which is seva, or being in service, sometimes known as karma yoga.

I’m really impressed with Eion’s dedication to educating and inspiring people to pay attention to what’ happening to the oceans, and empowering them to find their own inner power and voice to be the change we want to see in the world.

Take a listen and let me know thoughts. I’m always happy to receive emails from you guys.

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As usual, there are links to the books mentioned as well as links to Eion’s work, in the show notes which you’ll find on visionary-lifetsyle.com/podcast

I hope you enjoy the show….


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Taras Grescoe:Bottom Feeder: https://www.amazon.com/Bottomfeeder-Ethically-World-Vanishing-Seafood/dp/1596912251

Alanna Marshall: Sea Sick


























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