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Our guest today is Jai-Jagdeesh. Jai is a Singer, Musician, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Activist, and Change Maker

The daughter of two kundalini yoga teachers, at age 6 she began attending boarding school in India. At that tender age of 6, she formed her first group and started performing music at school events. Over the years she studied photography, was trained in dance, trained to be a kundalini yoga teacher, and even sidetracked into the Hollywood scene with an urge to be an actress.

But before too long she was led back to her true calling, using and expressing her voice through singing and composing music. Now she tours the world sharing her incredible voice and light at festivals and in concerts, and has released several albums.

She brings awareness and presence to everything she does, and being the change is in her blood.

She and her music have been hugely inspiring to me, and I was so happily surprised that she showed up at the Bali Spirit Festival. I got to see and listen to her perform live, which I highly recommend if you ever get the chance, I attended an “Authentic Voice”  workshop she held, and gratefully, ultimately interviewed her for the show.

We recorded this episode in the lobby of the festival, with a view of lush Bali in front of us. We had a long and deep conversation about so many things that matter. We discussed true yoga, what a mantra actually is, the numerology cycles of life, deep wisdom gained from lessons learned, and even Donald Trump and the state of the world.

With tongue in cheek, she jokes about “getting her meds”, as in meditation. We talked about embracing the darkness in our lives, in order to appreciate the light. She shares one of her favorite books and believe it or not, she swears like a sailor. This episode is triple explicit so if you have small children around, please be aware. It’s unexpected from someone in her position, but as you’ll see in the interview, Jai is quite special. She’s a very old soul in a young woman’s body, with a fully activated inner child. You’ll see what I mean.

It was a true thrill and honor for me to spend this intimate time with this highly gifted soul.

As always, the show notes contain links to things we talk about and you can find that on the blog post at visionary-lifestyle.com

I also assign you a homework, or heartwork, assignment toward the end of the show, and I’m going to make a separate episode to follow this one, so you can find it easily. I hope you do it, and I look forward to your feedback about how it helps to activate your highest potential.

I hope you gain some insight and inspiration from this conversation. Thanks for listening.






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