Richa ArtworkOur guest today is Richa Prasant.
Richa was an HR executive in the corporate world with Hewlett Packard for years, when a deeper calling pulled her away. Today, she is the founder and Director of The Sunaayy foundation in Delhi, India.
She’s practicing karma yoga. In case you’re not familiar with that, karma means action, so this is the yoga of taking action that creates a positive result.

In the west, we have a common heartbreaking mental image of the starving children in the streets of India. Those of us awake enough to be moved by this issue often feel helpless. I know I did, when I was sitting in a car in Delhi, and lots of shoeless little children with runny noses came to the window begging for money. Thankfully, Richa Prasant is answering the call to meet the needs of some of these children who are coming from the slums in Delhi, and, is providing a way for us westerners to be involved as well. She says she considers herself a privileged Indian, recognizing that she’s been afforded many of the needs and luxuries not available to the majority of Indians today.
With this perspective, she felt called to share her good fortune and has created a foundation to offer support to these kids. The Sunaayy Foundation provides some structure for the kids, in the form of regular gatherings which include some basic education and nourishment, as well as a sense of belonging and community. Sunaayy Foundation is more community than spiritually oriented. I’ll let Richa explain more about how the kids are benefitting from her programs…

I was honored to be invited to celebrate Holi with Richa and her kids. Holi is a big holiday and celebration in India. It marks the first day of Spring, and is seen as a chance to restart, forgive, forget , make food, celebrate, it feels a bit like New Years eve. I joined with Richa and the kids, in throwing colorful powder all over each other laughing and dancing all the while. While it was fun to see the kids enjoying themselves, I have to say that at times and in certain little faces, I could sense an underlying unrest and distress. Make sure to check out the blog on the website for some photos of our day together.

What Richa is learning while practicing her karma yoga with these kids, is that when you give, you receive. And in this case, Richa says she’s receiving unconditional love.

If you’re as moved by this story as I am, there may be some way for you to help.
The Sunaayy Foundation Needs:
-YouTube support
-Video editing
-Cash donations

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