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Today’s guest is Indu Sharma.

Indu is a yoga instructor at the Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India. She has a diploma in yoga and naturopathy, a masters degree in yoga, yogic science and human consciousness, and also a PHD in yoga. She teaches regular yoga classes at the ashram, is a featured instructor at The International Yoga Festival, and along with her mentor, Mata Ji, provides instruction for all the teacher trainings at the ashram.

Being trained and practicing yoga in the west, I was deeply called to India to experience the real thing. Risihikesh is known as the birth place of yoga, so what better place to dive in than there?

I met Indu when I became her student at daily 7am yoga classes when I arrived at the ashram during my first trip to India. I was excited to attend the classes there because I was seeking a truly authentic Indian yoga experience, and she provided exactly that. I was so inspired by her teaching and practice after asking her questions after class every day, I finally asked her to do this interview. She is so busy with her classes but was kind enough to squeeze in some time for this. I hope you can grab a notebook to take notes on this one because she shares a lot of wisdom.

Of course the show notes will have links to much of what we talk about as well.

And now, on with the show.


Closing Class Chant




Bhramri Pranayam/Nada Yoga Practice do at midnight,calms the mind and charges the body. Speeds recovery from surgery or injury.


-Opening chants are for the welfare of humanity, mantras-invites positive energy and aura, sets up the mind for the yoga practice


Surya Namaskar-12 steps. Each step you are being guided. Each step is a surrender.


Seed mantras work on the subtle body too.

6 seed mantras take care of our our nervous system, digestive and circulatory systems


Indu’s offerings: Comprehensive Course Training 2 weeks, 2nd level intensive, 3rd level teachers training course.


Half shoulder stand is anti aging because nectar drips down as we age so as we invert the nectar moving it back toward the ajna and crown


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