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Greetings my Rainbow Warriors!


I’m back from the Rainbow Gathering in northern Italy, and I’ve got to tell you, it kicked my ass ha. It turned out to be a massive hike up a steep mountain that took 7 hours to climb. Once we got there it rained most of the days and was colder than I want to be these days, so it felt a bit like survivor haha. But after my body recovered from the physical intensity, I can reflect on it and focus on the greatest take away, which was the heart connections I made with like minded people from around the world. The people that are called to these gatherings are truly children of the earth. They care deeply about the planet and each other, and it always fills my heart to spend time with this Rainbow family.  I was blessed to teach some chakra and yoga classes and take some enlightening workshops as well. I aspire to be a lifelong teacher as well as student, and this is a great place to do both….Rainbow gathering are happening around the world all the time, so check out the links in the show notes to learn more if it calls you.


I’m very excited to introduce today’s guest, Xavier Rudd.

Since the very beginning, Xavier’s ability to connect with people has been his most powerful gift. The more he has toured the world, the more hearts he has touched and the more of the world he has put back into his music.

Showcasing an ability to play several instruments at once, and Drawing inspiration from his ancestors, his music is unique and powerful, with a quickly growing worldwide audience.

His diverse and acclaimed career is going from strength to strength, with his message of global togetherness, acceptance and respect as well as his dynamic musical connection. He is quickly solidifying his place as one of Australia’s greatest artists, activists and spirits.

I first heard his music during a meditation weekend in Ojai, California a couple years ago, and it immediately had a profound effect on my heart. I’ve since added it into my yoga playlists and my students always ask me what that amazing song was…..

Check the show notes and the second part of this show,  to get a listen to that song….

Xavier and I  connected in Bali where he was headlining the Bali Spirit Festival. We sat down just after the sound-check for his show, to discuss activism, yoga, and conscious eating, and Xavier explains why his music is an old woman. You’ll have to listen to the interview to understand that one…..

We talk about his biggest concerns in the world, the focus of his activism now, and what he feels is necessary to turn things around for the better.

As one might expect, I found him to be an awakened and present soul. I for one am so grateful for the way he is showing up in the world , using his voice and growing megaphone,  to inspire the positive change that our planet so sorely needs now.

Make sure to stay tuned for my upcoming interview with Eoin Finn for more details about Xavier’s biggest concern, and the potential solutions to solve it.


I hope you enjoy it. Check out my instagram for some behind the scenes photos, and as always, check the website for show notes and links to things we discussed. Visit visionary-lifestyle.com/podcast







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