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Namaste from India!

This is my first in a series of international interviews, and I’m excited to bring you more shows during my international adventures in India and beyond!

Today’s guest is Vedic Meditation teacher Light Watkins. Light has been been operating in the meditation space for over 15 years. He’s based in Santa Monica, CA, and travels the world teaching everyone from bankers, artists, and politicians, to CEOs, caretakers, and comedians how to meditate in a self-sufficient way. He’s also an author and currently working on a series of books called The Inner Gym book series, the first of which is available now, under that title.

He’s a regular contributor to, a TEDx speaker and he founded an alcohol enterlightenment event, as in entertainment meets enlightenment, in La Called The Shine Movement.

I interviewed Light sitting on the banks of The River Ganges, affectionately known as Ma Ganga here in Rishikesh India. As you’ll hear, the interview starts out peacefully and toward the end, the very real and vibrant sounds of India invade our conversation. I urge you to stick through it and hear a gem of perspective that Light shares at the end.

Enjoy and Namaste! 

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