namaste from india

Greetings Rainbow Warriors and Namaste from indiaToday I’m coming  to you from Kerala in the very south of India, known as God’s own country.I’m at Amiritapuri, which is Amma’s ashram.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Amma, the hugging saint. She a force of nature and seemingly beyond human. Amma has been traveling the world for decades giving blessings in the form of hugs known as darshan. She’s done this for millions of people, and  most days she goes for 12-18 hours nearly non stop. She amazing to witness.

She’s also a huge humanitarian, helping those in need with her orphanages and countless other humanitarian programs, a true inspiration.I’ll post a link to her website in the show notes so if you’re inspire to know more, read Amma’s books  or visit the ashram one day you’ll know where to find her.

I got here in time for new years eve, and spent that night in the presence of Amma as she shared her spiritual wisdom. One point she made that really stuck out for me is that our mind is like a garden, and we must tend it to keep it healthy and beautiful. We need to weed it, water it, give it the right fertilizer and clear the brush so we can enjoy it’s beautiful flowers.

On new years day here thousands of people passed through the Kali temple and chanted Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bavantu which essentially translates to “May all being be happy and free, and may my thoughts words and actions contribute in some way to that happiness.”

Once I landed here I found out I have nearly no signal and not enough to load a full show, so I wanted to publish this title message to touch base and apologize for being late and to let you know that I will resume publishing full shows just as soon as I can get back to an place with more bandwidth..

I have tons of shows recorded included the rest of The New earth season, seasons from Thailand, California and Europe including the Barcelona Yoga festival and the Digital Nomad conference in Lisbon. There’s so much amazing content in the pipeline for you.

In the meantime, follow my instagram at visionary_lifestyle_guide for daily inspiration, and watch some of the videos on my Visionary Lifestyle and Podcast Facebook page. In fact, there you can find a couple videos of that mantra I mentioned, in case you’re inspired to send some good vibes out to the world too.

This is a great time to go back and listen to some older episodes and get caught up.

So for the moment, I’m surrendering to the unexpected break, and diving deep into my own spiritual practice,I’m doing hours of yoga every day, witnessing the extraordinary sunrises and sunsets, singing mantras, practicing pranayama, and learning new techniques and meeting new friends.I’ll also be checking into Amma’s  Ayurvedic Hospital for a few weeks to do  a deep deep cleanse known as panchakrama.This is an investment I’m making in my own well being. Panchalrama clears out toxins from the body and the mind, and I highly recommend it.Maybe I’ll be able to post a show from there, we’ll see how the signal is…Right now it’s a mystery that’s unfolding day by day and I’m in full surrender to it.

I pray you had a wonderful holiday season, and are heading into this new year with optimism, strength and an eager willingness to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Until next time, keep up your practice and be well.

All my love











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