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Greetings Rainbow Warriors,

I’m coming to you today from Bali, and we’re just post Bali Spirit Festival here. That was a whilrwind that left me feeling healed, transformed, connected and oh so grateful.

I took the stage twice to share my Conscious Eating message with the conscious yoga community and am feeling really grateful to be connecting with so many like minded earth and rainbow warriors here. If you’re inspired by the spirit of Bali make sure to check out this festival and maybe plan to join next year 🙂 I recorded over a dozen interviews with some of their amazing teachers and really look forward to sharing all of those conversations with you when they come around in the cue.

Today’s guest is Morwenna Bugano,

Morwenna is a passionate and inspired Channeler, Healer and Yogi, who loves to dance between realms. Working internationally she offers Energy Healing sessions and runs Trainings & Workshops in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Channeling & Angelic Communication. Morwenna is a channel for Source Consciousness and the Angelic realm. She re-awakens these energy channels within her clients, gently activating them into their path of truth, lovingly releasing the stories & moving into pure potential.

I met Morwenna last year at The Sanctuary Thailand on the island of Ko Phangan, and was instantly struck by her high vibes and graceful nature. We got a chance to sit down together for her to explain about the different types of energy healing she knows and offers to her clients .

It’s interesting for me to listen to this interview again now, after I became certified in Reiki during my last trip to India. I really resonate with her explanation of Reiki and am grateful to now be certified in this healing modality.

If energy healing is somewhat of a mystery to you, this episode should shine some light on it.

Make sure you listen until the end where Morwenna shares tips for self healing and to help get your own energy flowing.

Check out the show notes at, to learn more about Morwenna’s work and connect with her.


Enjoy and namaste

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