They are the easiest thing to sprout!
Mung beans have been used in Ayurvedic wellness for thousands of years. They’re full of protein, fiber, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin K, and the list goes on. When I do panchakarma in India, my doctor feeds me a soup of these (well cooked) with Ayurvedic spices. Simple, delicious and very easy to digest.
Sprouting anything multiples it’s nutrition exponentially. These sprouts, in particular, have a nice crunch to them and can be tossed on soups, salads and buddha bowls to add a dollop of nutrition and crunch.
1. Soak overnight in fresh spring water (double water to beans)
2. Rinse and drain and leave in a strainer. Cover with a clean kitchen cloth to keep it in the dark.
3. Rinse and drain am and pm until tails begin to grow. You can let the tails grow inches long if you like!
In Bali, it only takes a day because it’s so warm! If it’s cooler it can be 2-4 days.
Keep them in the dark as the light turns them bitter. You can provide some indirect window light for the last hours to create some chlorophyll.
Store in an airtight container in the fridge and eatem up within a few days!

 sprouts directions