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Greetings rainbow warriors,

Today I’m coming from you from Morocco, with a heavy heart. Over the last week I’ve watched a nightmare unfold. My sweet home town of Ojai ,California just north of Los Angeles, has been burning. California wildfires are raging through the state, and sadly this sweet little idyllic valley also fell victim to them. Ojai is the sacred valley of the moon, named by the Chumash tribe that first inhabited it. It’s a small and tight knit spiritual town where I built a yoga community atop a mountain that overlooked the entire valley, in a center called Meditation Mount. This has been my family and community for years, which supported me and gave me the trust to lead them in yoga. This community made me the teacher I am today. I am forever grateful to those who believed in me, and my students who attended classes week after week, deepening their own practice, and unbeknownst to them also filling my heart with so much gratitude as they allowed me to share the sacred gift of yoga with them, creating such a fulfilling livlihood for me.

So this last week, The entire city was forced to evacuate. Many friends lost their homes, and that center I spoke of, Meditation Mount, had the fires ravage the land and gardens. Though some of the structures still remain, and we expect in Divine timing, the center will reopen to once again serve as a peaceful place for people to gather and meditate daily in service to humanity as they’ve been doing there for over 40 years..

My heart has been engaged in the news non stop as the horror has unfolded. Almost everyone is still displaced as the air is too toxic to breathe there right now.I humbly ask you to send your prayers and good thoughts to this very special community of activated souls, so many tru Rainbow Warriors there. The local organic grocery store is even names Rainbow Bridge guys, if that give you any idea.
The fire maps show that eventually the fires made it 100% completely around the town which is a long narrow valley and could have easily been swallowed whole by the giant flames. Thanks to the tireless work of the thousands of hero firefighters, and a few miracles resulting from lots of collective prayer, the main town did not burn. It’s really nothing short of a miracle.
So, today I’m called to share with you, a recording of one of my yoga classes at our beloved Meditation Mount. As you listen, envision a mountain top glass enclosed sanctuary with a massive skylight leading up to the heavens, with views of exquisite gardens, majestic mountains, and our magical valley below. It has been a true honor to be a part of this community, and I and many are holding space for a phoenix from the ashes story for Meditation Mount, and the town as a whole.
You can visit my Visionary LIfestyle and Podcast facebook page to see a video I shared, to help the fire victims strengthen their root chakras, which are undoubtedly out of balance at this traumatic time. The root chakra is what makes us feel safe a and secure in the world, and when our homes , live or livlihoods are threatened a lot of instability ca result. That video can be helpful to anyway concerned about their physical survival. Please check it out and share it with anyone affected by the fires.
I hope you enjoy the class. I look forward to hearing your feedback. I’m always happy to hear from you guys. You can contact me through my facebook page or website any time
This one’s for you my Ojai tribe. We are the rainbow bridge that connects heaven and earth, eternity with the now.

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