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magda bali 2018Magdalena Freedom Rod is a visionary health and lifestyle guide, wellness educator, certified yoga instructor, certified Reiki practitioner, conscious eating expert and conscious content creator. She founded Visionary Lifestyle, a conscious lifestyle brand, in 2007. Magdalena’s mission is to inspire, educate and empower in order to activate the highest potential of individuals and our collective world in such a way that we create a healthy, thriving humanity and a sustainable planet.

She empowers people through the use of learned tools including yoga, meditation, and conscious eating, as well as offering Reiki energy healing and Chakra Balancing sessions. She is a frequent speaker and presenter at transformational festivals and events internationally and teaches and leads retreats in spiritual hotspots worldwide.

She writes for progressive blogs including Care2, Elephant Journal, Spirituality & Health, Thrive Market and others. She authored the Conscious Eating 101 eCourse to support people transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle and hosts The Visionary Lifestyle Podcast, a show dedicated to raising consciousness on the planet. Visionary Lifestyle is a resource for people to learn how to activate their highest potential. Healing the world begins with healing ourselves. Her approach is visionary, wholistic, and sustainable.

Magdalena has been traveling the world as a yomad (yoga nomad) since February 2017. She enjoys sharing yoga and leading retreats and workshops in exotic locations worldwide.

“I am here to help guide people who would like to uplevel their health and wellness and lead a more sustainable, balanced, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Whether you are suffering from a disease, looking to prevent developing one, or simply need guidance around sustainable health and wellness, I am here to guide you every step of the way. It is my honor to help you activate your highest potential by empowering you with the knowledge and tools that will transform your life and in turn, the world!”



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“Magdalena exudes such incredible energy and is so knowledgeable about wellness and heightened living that I am certain she makes a fantastic lifestyle guide. Being around her is pure bliss – there’s something about her that feels simply magical! What a great opportunity to discover all her secrets!”

~ Whitney Lauritsen, Eco-Vegan Gal

“Magdalena is super creative in cooking and food preparation. She masterfully combines the healthiest of ingredients into super delicious meals and desserts. No only is her food amazing, her personal energy is refreshing and she brings great gusto, professionalism and heart to the process. “

~ Gunnar Lovelace, CEO Thrive Market

“My company Elevate is blessed to work with the top health and wellness experts alive. Through producing many best selling yoga instructional DVDs we’ve learned the importance of maintaining a regular practice, and how to identify real teachers. We chose Magdalena as our personal instructor, and that’s proven to be a wise investment in our future. She knows just how to cater to the novice and the pro, making everyone feel supported and special. She’s amazing!  We consider Magdalena a vital part of our team and family. “

~Mikki Wills , Founder | ELEVATE